Compression stockings. Optional compression underwear varicose veins

The anti-varicose leotard is designed to normalize the work of the circulatory system in the lower extremities. Compression underwear exerts precise design pressure on certain areas of the veins that, due to their location away from the heart, endanger the development of pathological venous disorders. Thus, wearing medical underwear improves blood flow, eliminates painful feelings, swelling and heaviness in the legs. Therefore, if you are at risk of developing a varicose vein, have already encountered it, or are experiencing signs of venous circulatory disturbances (due to static loads, pregnancy, sedentary lifestyle), you should start using preventive compression underwear during everyday wear.

Open toe compression stockings for varicose veins

Compression underwear varicose veins

Previously, phlebologists prescribed elastic bandages for this purpose. Now, this device is not popular due to a number of significant disadvantages: the difficulty of bonding, the degree of uneven compression, the aesthetic appearance, the rapid loss of compression properties and the resulting slippage.

The difference between modern compression underwear is the complete opposite of the above disadvantages:

  • easy to use (compared to tying) from putting on or wearing clothes to taking off bedding;
  • 4 compression classes - allowing individual selection of the canvas by compressing the dilated veins to the required level;
  • made of high-tech materials: linen - hypoallergenic natural cotton with a high degree of elasticity; stockings made of synthetic fibers - nylon, lycra, elastode, microfiber, which allows you to wear skirts and clothes;
  • the tight fit does not allow the garment to slip;
  • long life of the canvas, with proper care - from 5 to 12 months (with daily wear).

What is compression underwear? Compression clothing creates distributed pressure from the bottom of the legs to the top. The gradual pressure of varying strength varies from ankle to thigh, expressed as a percentage of 100 to 20% of the compression determined by the underwear.

Expert opinion

The gradual decrease in the percentage of compression is physiologically justified: as the blood flows upwards, the load on the venous system decreases. It is therefore advisable to reduce the maximum pressure upwards. Thanks to this principle of action, wearing compression underwear stimulates and normalizes the outflow of blood and lymph into the heart, preventing venous congestion.

Types of compression underwear

The effect of compression garments on varicose veins on the legs

How do we choose varicose compression underwear and what is it used for this or that type of knitwear?

The medical industry offers a fairly large selection of compression underwear. There are compression stockings for women and underwear for men with varicose veins. There is also a classification according to the therapeutic tasks assigned to the compression garment:

  • preventive underwear: minimal compression of the lower extremities to eliminate the high blood pressure in them;
  • medical canvas: for the treatment of medium and maximal compression varicose veins;
  • postoperative underwear: used in hospitals, the selection of compression stockings is made by a doctor.
Therapeutic compression stockings on the legs against varicose veins

Depending on the existing or likely localization of venous abnormalities in your lower body, you may choose a particular type of medical underwear — compression tights, knee-highs, or stockings.

Compression socks

The sock is primarily recommended for preventive purposes for athletes with increased running loads. Wearing compression socks reduces the risk of venous abnormalities and helps those who have experienced them. When using a compression sock, the direct compression of the heel and foot point improves the circulation of the foot and increases muscle tone. This type of garment can be used both during and after prolonged exposure.

Compression knee height

The sock is suitable for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins, provided that the varicose veins are located below the knee. Knee height covers the foot from foot to knee. Their flexible compression properties ensure a precise fit of the foot, maintain the tone of the ankle, and effectively prevent foot heaviness.

How to choose compression knee height for men? More compression clothing seems to be targeted at women. This is a delusion. From a design standpoint, men’s knee height is virtually no different from a standard sock, so they shouldn’t cause restrictions while wearing it.

The size of such compression garments, such as knee-length garments, is selected according to the anatomical profile of the lower limbs.

To do this, you need to take a few measurements (in centimeters):

  • perimeter of tibia above ankle and below knee;
  • length from leg to knee.

Compression stockings

With the help of stockings, a therapeutic and prophylactic effect can be achieved in the fight against the pathologies of the venous system. Due to the need, varicose elastic stockings of increased length are sometimes used: up to the lumbar region or with a waist fastener.

Compression stockings to combat varicose veins

There is a silicone elastic material on the inside of the stocking. Prevents this compression stocking from slipping. Medical stockings with a waist fastener are fastened with an elastic belt with a contact strap. Such stockings are divided into halves, there are left and right sides. It is possible to combine mono stockings into stockings.

This type of stocking, as a special, compression underwear for varicose legs, has maximum efficiency.

Finding the best compression stockings for women and men is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. The range of such underwear in the medical market is quite wide. It takes into account the financial possibilities and preferences of the appearance of the bedding. Therefore, it is possible to purchase compression stockings according to your own wishes and not only on the basis of the doctor's recommendations regarding the therapeutic and prophylactic properties of the canvas. When shopping, it is important to note that an orthopedic salon or pharmacy selling compression underwear will protect you from buying a fake. Only there can you buy a certified, high-quality compression product.

Compression tights for women

The most common medical and prophylactic underwear for women is compression stockings, despite the fact that it is quite difficult to put on them.

What effect is important to achieve, we distinguish the following compression tights: preventive and therapeutic. Preventive elastic tights are chosen independently according to parameters such as height and weight. You can buy this compression stocking in both pharmacies and regular medical stores. In addition to repairing the venous system, they have a corrective and slimming effect on the waist, buttocks and thighs.

Expert opinion

If you can choose preventive compression products on your own, medical compression stockings are selected by a doctor only. Such tights, stockings and socks have a mandatory medical certificate according to the RAL standard-GZ 387 and are only available in medical equipment salons and pharmacies.

The list includes types of compression tights that vary in texture and color. Both are the most transparent and the densest opaque, allowing venous manifestations to be covered on the skin. When choosing a model, pay attention to the sock: there are products that have open and closed toes.

It is advisable to combine varicose veins with medical compression stockings using topical venotonic agents for the feet. Foot cream with horse chestnut and ginkgo biloba extracts is suitable for everyday home care. Thanks to its natural composition, it relieves pain, tones, has an anti-inflammatory and cosmetic effect. The cream is applied from the bottom up, with massaging movements until absorption, 1-2 times a day in the morning before putting on the compression garment and in the evening after taking it off. The cream has been subjected to clinical trials and has been highly valued by phlebologists as an effective adjuvant in the fight against varicose veins in the lower extremities. For use outside the home, it is very convenient with a foot-toned spray with butcher and witch hazelnut extracts. Thanks to its light, non-marking formula and convenient release form, it can be used on nylon compression stockings. Spray 1-2 times a day from a distance of 15 cm to slightly moisturize the skin. Both products are developed by specialists from a pharmaceutical company and have the necessary documentation and quality certification.

Compression elastic underwear - stockings, tights and knee-length pants, requires a tiring effort. It is important to follow the following rules:

  • lie down after waking up;
  • do not overtighten or twist the product;
  • collect the tops of the pantyhose and gradually align them towards and above the lower leg.

In order to facilitate the fitting of compression stockings, special devices are manufactured for different categories of consumers: overweight, disabled, travelers (folding design).

How to choose a compression stocking?

Graded pressure decreased with ankle-thigh compression

When the question arises as to how to choose a compression stocking, given the size, you should read the information on the package.

Compression garments are manufactured in strict compliance with quality standards. The strictest is the European standard RAL-GZ 387. Its standards govern:

  • composition of compression underwear;
  • the safety of the materials used;
  • the compression, elasticity and strength properties of the manufactured canvas;
  • labeling requirements on packaging.

According to these standards, the compression class and pressure on the packaging of quality canvas must be given in millimeters of mercury and not in denominations (as in standard stockings).

If the bedding packaging bears an Oko-Tex® Standard 100 label, this means that this compression garment has been tested by independent institutes that are part of the international Oeko-Tex community. The pH of the tissue samples, the formaldehyde content, chlorine-containing substances and the possible presence of heavy metals are checked. Based on the results of the successful inspection, a quality certificate is issued - Oko-Tex® Standard 100.

By purchasing underwear with the above marking, you can be sure that:

  • allows the appropriate therapeutic effect to be achieved;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • not less than the service life specified by the manufacturer.

Elastic compression stockings: compression classes for all garments

According to the degree of pressure exerted by the medical elastic bandage, 4 compression classes are distinguished according to the RAL-GZ 387 standard.

  • Compression class I: has a low (light) preventive pressure (18-21 mmHg). Signs of wearing Class I compression underwear: tendency to develop varicose veins, leg heaviness, edema, poker, pregnancy.
  • II. Pressure class: medium pressure (22-32 mmHg). This is the most commonly used compression class for medical clothing. It is used to prevent and treat deep vein thrombosis, to treat varicose veins and acute thrombophlebitis (Thrombophlebitis).
  • III. Pressure class: exerts strong pressure (33-46 mmHg). This canvas is used for severe lymphovenous insufficiency, trophic pathologies, deep vein thrombosis.
  • ARC. Pressure class: exerts the highest possible pressure (more than 59 mmHg). Underwear of this compression class is used to eliminate congenital vein disorders and lymphedema caused by associated edema.

The first compression class preventive underwear can be purchased independently. But how to choose an already developed varicose medical compression underwear, only a doctor can tell. She explains why she needs compression clothing for the situation.

Phlebologist consultation on choosing compression underwear for the feet

Compression stockings: size selection

Varicose veins are an irreversible disease that requires treatment. And the compression stocking will be like a support frame for the blood vessels. Accurate foot measurements help you choose the right stockings, namely:

  • length from foot to knee;
  • perimeter of tibia above ankle and below knee;
  • thigh circumference at a distance of 25-30 cm from the knee;
  • the length of the foot from the foot to the lumbar spine.

Once the phlebologist has prescribed the appropriate compression grade underwear and made measurements, it is important to determine the size of the stocking. The range includes several sizes from XS to XLX. The size grid may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, compression garments should be selected according to the size chart of the respective manufacturer.

Properly selected stockings fit snugly to your feet. You may feel uncomfortable wearing medical underwear at first, but over time, that will go away.

How to choose a compression stocking?

In order to select tights, in addition to the above measurements, the volume of the hip and the circumference of the waist must be measured.

Compression garments are manufactured by many manufacturers. And in return, I want to understand what’s better than the rest so I don’t waste valuable time and money. Unfortunately, the best compression stockings for varicose veins can only be selected based on your own feelings from the direct wearing of such underwear.

The peculiarity of the tights is that they are strictly selected by size because the area in which they will produce pressure is maximum.

In most cases, the packaging includes how to wear the compression stocking. Don't ignore these recommendations - they will extend the life of your bedding:

  • Wear tights after waking up or after showering. Important: the skin must be completely dry.
  • The condition of the skin should be monitored - it should be hydrated and smooth so as not to damage the fibers of the compression underwear.
  • Compression tights should not be stretched or twisted.
  • When recording, collect the top of the tights in an accordion and gradually spread it along the length of the leg, straightening the resulting folds.

Compression tights should be worn throughout the day and taken off immediately before bedtime. The duration of use of the laundry is determined by the doctor only.

Compression knee height for legs after surgery

Compression stockings after surgery

The hospital jersey can be replaced after surgery. In the postoperative period of varicose veins, good compression underwear can alleviate a number of possible complications. Wearing hospital clothes reduces the risk of congestion and deep vein thrombosis.

The optimal pressure pressure for this type of underwear is 15-18 mmHg.

Compression of the restorative undergarment is calculated so that the patient will be in a horizontal position. Therefore, this type of underwear is not suitable as an everyday compression stocking.

The postoperative compression garment can be fitted to any part of the body. The following types of underwear can be distinguished:

  • knee height, tights;
  • spine corsets;
  • bandages.

The distinguishing feature of postoperative compression garments is that they must be worn (not taken off) in the first few days. Therefore, hospital underwear should be very flexible, seamless, hypoallergenic and provide antimicrobial effect.

Women's compression underwear

Basically, it is customary to understand cosmetic stockings under women’s compression hospital underwear. It is used after plastic surgery, significantly facilitating and shortening the rehabilitation period. The most common type of such underwear is the post-mamoplasty compression vest (Mammoplastica). In the postoperative rehabilitation period, in order to correct the shape of the breast, it is important to wear tight compression underwear that:

  • prevents scarring;
  • helps relieve postoperative swelling;
  • reduces pain;
  • relieves the feeling of difficulty in the operated area.

The required compression class of the vest is fixed by the fasteners. Sometimes, along with a compression bra, an additional compression belt is used to create maximum compression with postoperative underwear in the required areas of the body.

The long-term choice and wear of women’s compression garments is determined by the doctor. Improperly selected underwear can damage your body.

Compression lingerie for pregnant women

During pregnancy, due to the increased load on the body, it is possible to manifest symptoms of various diseases. It's varicose. To protect against such manifestations, many pregnant women are advised to wear preventive and therapeutic compression underwear.

In the first trimester, prophylactic compression stockings are used, especially knee-length or stockings that also protect the woman from leg heaviness and swelling syndrome.

Wearing a brace during pregnancy reduces spinal stress.

From the second trimester onwards, a medical canvas is prescribed: bandage, stockings, stockings. After childbirth, this type of medical canvas helps you recover faster. Often the function of the bandage is assigned to the large elastic pad at the front of the compression stockings. It takes into account the anatomical features of the pregnant woman. Such underwear supports the stomach well and does not compress. However, there may be contraindications to wearing such jerseys, so it is advisable to consult your doctor before buying medicated underwear.

For varicose pregnant women, the phlebologist recommends the use of compression stockings during and shortly after childbirth.