Massage against varicose veins

The blow to the varicose veins of the best modern man. The disease reduces the quality of life, which manifests itself in increased fatigue, difficulty, swelling and the ugly appearance of the legs, which particularly oppresses women. Varicose veins can only be completely cured with surgery. To maintain the normal condition of the lower extremities and slow the progression of the disease, doctors recommend comprehensive conservative treatment. Certain types of varicose veins on the legs, along with medications, compression stockings, and physical activity, give good results in the early stages of the disease.

Is foot massage with varicose veins possible

When asked if it is possible to massage the legs with varicose veins, doctors answer - it is possible and necessary. But with some reservations. The procedure will be beneficial only in the early stages of the disease. Spoken nodes and the vascular network should not be touched, it can be life-threatening and can cause a sudden deterioration of the condition.

Protruding tortuous veins are absolute contraindications to any physical effect. The varicose vein in such cases is complicated by inflammation of the veins in which blood clots form. As a result of the physical action, there is a risk of the blood clot coming off and the vital blood vessels becoming blocked.

Varicose foot massage is possible at home. Self-massage helps well - it can even be done in the workplace to relieve fatigue and restore efficiency.

In some cases, the use of massagers is allowed, but only after consultation with a phlebologist.

professional massage against varicose veins

How massage works in terms of pathology

There are several techniques used for varicose veins, and they are all gentle. The effect of massage on varicose veins of the lower extremities:

  • improves blood and lymph flow through blood vessels;
  • increases the outflow of fluid from the tissues, which reduces swelling of the limb;
  • by reducing the swelling, the pressure on the blood vessels is reduced, which improves blood flow;
  • eliminates difficulty and pain;
  • relieves fatigue;
  • prevents the appearance of the vascular system.

Strengthening blood flow improves the nutrition of all layers of muscles and skin, tones blood vessels, strengthens their walls. As a result of the massage, the stagnation ceases. The procedure has roughly the same effect as medical gymnastics.

Rules for effective and safe limb massage

Varicose foot massage is a delicate issue that requires certain knowledge and skills. Your doctor should tell you how to do it right on your own. But it’s best to trust a specialist in the physiotherapy department. Basic rules:

  • eliminates the rough effect on the surface of the legs and massage in the area of dilated veins;
  • in classic hand massage, oil is used to better slide the masseur’s hand;
  • massage techniques - even smoothing with circular motions, relieving pressure;
  • the massage lines are always from the bottom up - from the foot along the tibia to the knee and from the knee to the upper thigh.

No oil or cream is required for the lymphatic drainage massage. At home for self-massage, anti-varicose ointments can be used as an oil base.

Preparation of the procedure

The patient is placed on a flat surface. A special massage table is used to facilitate the work of the masseur. If the back surface of the legs is worked out, a roller is placed under the legs. To massage the anterior surface, the patient lies on his back and the rollers are placed under the feet and knees. At home, you can sit with your legs raised for 10-15 minutes before a massage to slightly reduce swelling.

preparing for varicose veins

Types of massage

During the treatment, several massage techniques are used, either manually or with the help of a special device. The classic massage technique and varicose veins are compatible when the disease still has no external signs but a subjective feeling of fatigue and difficulty in the legs. Procedures are performed in courses daily or every other day, 10-12 times. The technique of varicose veins should be prescribed by a phlebologist.

Lymphatic drainage

The most effective anti-varicose foot massage according to doctors is lymphatic drainage. This should be done by a specialist, as the technique allows the study of the location of the lymph nodes and the passage zones of the lymphatics. The massage begins with the buttocks and thighs, then goes to the lower leg and the legs are worked out one last time.

lymphatic drainage massage against varicose veins

By rubbing the skin lightly and pressing it with the palm of your hand, the masseur travels along the lymphatics, stimulates the outflow of accumulated fluid and cleanses the tissues of toxins. Lymphatic drainage massage cannot be practiced every day. The course of treatment begins once a week and gradually increases up to three times if the patient tolerates the treatment well. It is advisable to perform a total of at least 15 procedures.


Two anti-cellulite massage techniques can be used against varicose veins:

  • lymphatic drainage (mentioned above);
  • vacuum (discussed below).

There are several techniques for vacuum massage. It is impossible to prescribe this type of massage on your own, as a rule, varicose veins are prohibited. It is highly not recommended to do it in a beauty salon without having to consult a doctor.


Like vacuum massage, honey massage has supporters and opponents among doctors. On the one hand, honey has a beneficial effect on tissues, improves blood circulation and nutrition, relieves swelling. On the other hand, a massage with honey for varicose veins of the feet can be dangerous - the effect is enhanced by the viscous consistency. Therefore, it is better to use it for preventive purposes as well as to relieve fatigue and difficulties in the limbs.

honey massage against varicose veins

Implementing rules:

  • the massage takes place no more than once a week;
  • liquid honey is used for it (you can heat it a little in a water bath);
  • honey is not used in places where there is a vascular network;
  • after the honey has spread on the skin, rub it in gently with gentle kneading movements;
  • additional massages are performed with light caresses.


Self-massage is a good way out of the situation when there is no possibility to visit a massage parlor. As part of a comprehensive treatment, self-massage of varicose legs brings relief and helps prevent the development of pathology. Performance:

  • the massage is done in a sitting position with outstretched legs;
  • if one of the legs is affected by varicose veins, the massage begins with a healthy limb;
  • direction of movement - from legs to knees and above;
  • the first movements are soft caresses, then the pressure can be increased slightly (pretend to push the liquid from the bottom up);
  • followed first by tingling in the skin and then by trapping the subcutaneous adipose tissue;
  • complete the procedure with light muscle shaking and stroking.

After completing the massage, shake your feet slightly. The session for each leg can be up to 10 minutes. With the help of varicose veins, you can relieve fatigue and pain, get rid of edema. You have to do it every day.

self-massage against varicose veins


Varicose veins are not only useful but also a very pleasant procedure. You can do it too. The basic rules are simple:

  • if you use a contrast shower, start with warm water (not hot! );
  • the pressure must be moderate;
  • do not hold the rays on certain parts of the legs;
  • the movements must be small circular;
  • do not control the showering of dilated veins.
hydromassage in the shower against varicose veins

Start massaging your feet, watering in circular motions. Then proceed smoothly to the lower legs, directing the nozzles from the bottom up along the flow of venous blood. Take a minute on your knees - massage it in a circular motion. Do the same with the other foot. Finally, it is useful to massage the reflex zone - the lower back with a shower.


Acupressure massage affects the biologically active points of the legs. His second name is Tibetan. Stimulation of the points gives the following result:

  • improves local metabolism;
  • removes muscle cramps;
  • restores blood flow and tones blood vessels;
  • improves the body's protective functions.

It is most often done on the feet, but sometimes other parts of the foot are also affected. It should be done by a professional who knows the location of the reflex points well.

Foot massage

Rubbing the feet has a beneficial effect on the blood vessels, stimulating fluid outflow and relieving tired feet. The massage begins with the toes and then rubbed on the soles of the soles of the feet. You should start with a light caress, gradually increasing the intensity and pace. Foot massage only provides a therapeutic effect if the procedure is performed regularly.

foot massage against varicose veins

About the Taoists

Another technique that gives good results in varicose veins is Taoist massage. It consists of the light effect of the surface of the legs, with a circular caress. The mixture of base and essential oils is applied to the skin in advance.

foot massage against varicose veins

The movements are performed from the legs to the hips, each of which is repeated 10 times. Taoist foot massage for varicose veins is performed once a week for 30 days at home.

Unwanted massages

Not all types of massage are recommended for varicose veins, even in its initial stages. The ban is due to their aggressive technique, which violates the integrity of the dishes.


Varicose veins can only be performed with hardware. The modern tools used for the procedure ensure the setting of the individual program. The invention of the Frenchman Louis Paul Guite (initials - LPG - and the name of the technique) revolutionized cosmetology and brought some medical benefits. A varicose vein LPG massage or a vacuum roller massage will certainly improve blood circulation in the lower extremities by stimulating lymph flow and destroying fat deposits.

But very carefully and only after a medical examination, it is necessary to use such a massage as a varicose vein massage. Vacuum massage is primarily used to prevent disease. Only in the first symptoms of varicose veins is it beneficial with the full consistency of the venous valves when there is no external manifestation of the disease. There is still no complete agreement among doctors about the safety of varicose veins.

The technique of exposure is that the manipulation, which is performed along predetermined parts of the legs, pulls in a fold of skin under the action of a vacuum. Inside the manipulation, there are two rollers that move in opposite directions and knead the subcutaneous fat in the trapped fold. You can use a computer program to adjust the depth of recording and the intensity of roller movement. It is forbidden to affect the inside of the thigh and the popliteal fossa.

vacuum massage against varicose veins


The cupping massage is a kind of vacuum massage. In principle, this procedure has long been well known - in the past, banks were put on coughs and bronchitis. The principle of operation is the same - annoyingly confusing. Cupping massage is used as an anti-cellulite.

Varicose veins are categorically contraindicated. As a result of the vacuum, the capillaries are destroyed (therefore bruises form on the skin after the cans). In the first stage of the varicose veins, the small blood vessels suffer the most. You better not take the risk and prefer the safer type of therapeutic massage.


Another type of massage prohibited against varicose veins is Thai. Its essence is the effect on reflex points. But the method itself is unacceptable in diseased blood vessels. Squeezing is done not only with your hands, but also with your elbows, knees or wrists. There is a risk of compression not only of superficially diseased vessels, but also of deep veins.


Like all treatments, varicose veins are contraindicated:

  • thrombophlebitis and thrombosis;
  • trophic ulcers;
  • pronounced venous nodes;
  • dermatitis and itching;
  • inflammatory processes or infectious diseases;
  • high temperature;
  • cancers.

In the case of varicose veins, therapeutic massage will only be beneficial if it is part of a complex therapy and its type and implementation will be discussed with your doctor.